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High-Tech SAP Courses + Certifications + Internships

Leading SAP Coursework and Certifications in UK

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Comprehensive SAP Training Programs

Explore comprehensive SAP training programs at DTS IT Solution, based in London, UK. Our expert-led courses are meticulously designed to empower individuals and businesses with the skills to leverage SAP’s potential fully. We make learning interactive and engaging, allowing you to master SAP swiftly and confidently. Don’t just stay ahead, lead the way with our broad SAP training programs. Sign up today and let’s make your journey to mastering SAP truly worthwhile!

Why Choose Us?

Expert SAP Trainings

Dive into rigorous, expertly-designed SAP courses, meticulously curated to develop your professional skill set and drive career advancement.

SAP Certifications

Get SAP Certifications, distinguished accreditations designed to boost your industry expertise and fast-track your career growth.

SAP Internships

We offer SAP Internships - real-world experiences that enhance your proficiency and provide valuable insight into industry operations.

SAP Training by One of the leading SAP Training provider in the region

DTS popularity among Students & Professionals is because it’s always been concerned about their well-being and future endeavors.

DTS is the leading SAP Training Provider in the region which provides S4HANA instructed led/online sessions globally. We have more than 5 years of experience in SAP Corporate Training in Europe & Middle East market. We have successfully completed 50+ public SAP Training batches and trained & certified 5000+ consultants. 100+ multinational companies are panel of DTS where we are depute our students. We have region’s widest and most effective SAP career counseling wing – we specialize not only in training but in placement as well. We have networks built in Middle East, UK and Europe.

SAP Training Courses Offered in UK

Our comprehensive curriculum, curated by industry veterans, provides an immersive learning experience to foster your professional development. These courses deliver industry-relevant knowledge and hands-on SAP expertise, essential for thriving in the ever-evolving business landscape. Engage with our exceptional training modules to elevate your skill set, enhance your employability, and accelerate your career trajectory in the SAP ecosystem.

SAP - Core Modules

SAP Financial Accounting

Your comprehensive solution for managing financial transactions, reporting, and analysis

SAP Managerial Accounting

Unlock financial insights and optimize business performance with SAP Managerial Accounting

SAP Materials Management

Streamline inventory, procurement, and MRP processes with SAP Materials Management


Develop robust applications and custom solutions with SAP ABAP programming.

SAP Sales & Distribution

Facilitate order-to-cash processes and manage sales operations efficiently with SAP Sales and Distribution

SAP Production Planning

Optimize manufacturing, routing, and scheduling with SAP Production Planning

SAP Business One

Integrate core business processes with the end-to-end solution, SAP Business One

SAP Quality Management

Ensure product excellence and adherence to standards with SAP Quality Management


Harness the power of comprehensive HR solutions, from talent acquisition to payroll with SAP HCM.

SAP - Advanced Modules

SAP S4HANA Finance

Experience real-time financial insights and streamlined operations with SAP S4HANA Finance

SAP S4HANA Management Accounting

Drive cost tracking and control with enhanced transparency using S4HANA Management Accounting

SAP S4HANA Sourcing & Procurement

Elevate procurement strategies with AI-driven decision-making in SAP S4HANA Sourcing & Procurement.

SAP S4HANA Plant Maintenance

Maximize asset uptime and reduce maintenance costs with SAP S4HANA Plant Maintenance

SAP Project System

Manage project costs, timelines, and resources seamlessly with SAP Project Systems


Harness the synergy of native HANA capabilities and modern user experience with SAP ABAP on HANA & FIORI

SAP Sales & Services Cloud

Transform customer engagement with the integrated sales and service experience of SAP Sales & Services Cloud

SAP SAC (BI/Planning)

Deliver actionable insights and advanced planning scenarios using SAP SAC (BI/Planning)

SAP Commercial Cloud

Drive digital transactions and revenue growth with SAP Commercial Cloud.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Leverage Industry 4.0 insights and automation with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud


Ensure seamless identity access and governance across systems with SAP IAG

SAP Business By Design

Deploy a cloud-first, scalable ERP solution tailored for mid-market enterprises with SAP Business By Design.


Analyze, interpret, and visualize your enterprise data for informed decision-making with SAP BI/BW.

SAP Business Objects

Harness robust reporting and analytics with SAP Business Objects


Optimize system configurations and ensure seamless operations with SAP BASIS.

SAP Success Factor

Elevate HR operations and talent strategies with SAP Success Factor.

SAP Ariba

Streamline procurement and supply chain operations using SAP Ariba.

SAP Hybris

Deliver omnichannel customer experiences with SAP Hybris.

SAP Implementation & Modeling with HANA

Deploy high-performance solutions leveraging SAP Implementation & Modeling with HANA.

Rise with SAP Complete Function & Technical Overview

Ascend to holistic digital transformation using Rise with SAP Complete Function & Technical Overview.

SAP Enable Now

Enhance user adoption and productivity with SAP Enable Now.


Manage real estate assets efficiently using SAP REFX.


Execute strategic financial planning and forecasting with SAP BPC

SAP Fund Management

Optimize financial allocation and tracking with SAP Fund Management.

SAP Joint Venture Accounting

Simplify and automate joint venture operations with SAP Joint Venture Accounting.

SAP Financial SCM

Streamline receivables and payables for better cash flow management with SAP Financial SCM.

SAP Courses & Job Placements

#1 SAP Training Institute in UK

With over 7 years of SAP training experience, we take pride in delivering first-class, holistic SAP education. With record-breaking certification success rates, we create a peerless network of skilled SAP consultants. Stand proud in your SAP mastery with us, confidently navigating the complexities of the SAP ecosystem.

Distinctive Training Methods

Our signature SAP training methods integrate hands-on experience with innovative educational techniques. We provide bespoke educational blueprints tailored to align with each learner's unique needs, stimulating a deep insight of SAP systems. We balance theoretical knowledge with practical application, enabling our trainees to approach real-world challenges.

Assured Job Placements

We guarantee assured job placements in the dynamic SAP sector. Our vast network and strong industry affiliations empower our trainees to secure lucrative roles in leading organizations. We transform inexperienced candidates into high-caliber, sought-after SAP consultants who are not only equipped with technical acumen but also exhibit remarkable problem-solving aptitude.

Work with Our Partners

Get a chance to work with our esteemed partners in London, UK and tap into a wide network of industry leaders. Our strategic alliances pave the way for career progression, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, and promote mutual resource sharing. Collectively, we are dedicated to nurturing professional development and carving a progressive path for the future of the SAP arena.

Expert SAP Trainers in UK

Get ahead of the curve with our certified SAP trainers. We bring a unique blend of hands-on experience and deep-rooted knowledge of SAP ecosystem to the table. We don’t just teach – we inspire and transform you into a savvy SAP specialist. Here’s what we offer:

  • Bespoke SAP Training: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor each training program to fit the specific needs of your organization. Our training modules are tailored to address the exceptional challenges your business face, ensuring that your team fully leverages the power of SAP.
  • Highly Qualified Trainers: Our team is composed of certified SAP trainers, each with extensive industry experience. They have a rich understanding of practical application scenarios, helping to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world execution.
  • End-to-End Training Solutions: We not only train your team on SAP modules but also equip them with essential soft skills such as project management and effective communication. This systemic approach ensures that your team is ready to tackle any SAP related challenge.
  • Quality Assurance: At DTS IT Solution, quality is not an act, it’s a habit. Our rigorous quality checks and follow-ups ensure that your team’s learning curve constantly improves, further enhancing your SAP ROI.

We empower your workforce with the right SAP skills to thrive in today’s competitive market. Unlock your business potential with our Corporate SAP trainings.

Job-Focused Approach to SAP Training

Revolutionalize your workforce with DTS IT Solution, where SAP training isn’t just about learning, it’s about excelling in the job arena. We turbocharge your team’s productivity and efficiency, turning them into high-performing SAP gurus. Get access to:

  • Real-World Application: Our SAP training courses are grounded in practical applications, moving beyond theory to real-world examples. We align our training with actual job scenarios, equipping your team with the capabilities they need to excel in their roles.
  • Job-Aligned Curriculum: Our SAP modules align closely with industry trends and job requirements. From beginner level to advanced modules, each course is tailored to impart skills that are in demand in today’s dynamic SAP market.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our trainers are not just educators; they’re seasoned professionals with rich industry experience. This allows us to provide a practical perspective, enhancing the relevance of the training and ensuring your team is job-ready.
  • All-Round Skill Boost: We focus on building skills that directly improve job performance. From technical knowledge to essential soft skills, our comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded development that enhances your team’s SAP capabilities.

Partner with DTS IT Solution, where our job-focused approach to SAP training bridges the gap between learning and doing. Let’s equip your team with the skills they need to excel in their roles and drive your business forward.

Success Guaranteed in SAP Courses

Dealing with the complex world of SAP can indeed be a challenging task. Our certified SAP courses curated by a team of top-notch experts, are aimed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge, practical skills and self-assurance to stand out in the competitive global SAP environment.

With us, growing professionally isn’t just a possibility—it’s a sure thing. Our leading hands-on training approach allows you to confront and handle real-world situations, preparing you for a smooth transition into the successful SAP workforce. Our certified courses give you a highly esteemed qualification that significantly boosts your career opportunities.

Our courses are flexible since we understand that everyone’s educational journey is distinct. Whether you’re an established professional aiming for a higher rung on the career ladder, or a newcomer ready to explore the vast SAP realm, our successful training programs cater to learners at all proficiency levels. To get a glimpse of our training approach and course content, we invite you to a free demo session.

Through our industry-leading modules, you will not only master SAP software but you will also learn how to apply it to achieve tangible business results. We do more than transmitting knowledge—we guarantee successful outcomes. So, why hesitate? Begin this rewarding journey towards becoming a certified SAP professional and open the gateway to a multitude of opportunities in the rapidly progressing digital landscape.

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Customized SAP Training for UK Professionals

Considering the varied SAP training needs of UK professionals, we structured our SAP modules to train you efficiently.  This not only fulfills the job criteria, it further enhances your skill set within the professional SAP ecosystem. With an impressive portfolio featuring 50,000 successful candidates and over 10,000 interns, our track record substantiates our ability to deliver guaranteed outcomes.

From foundational to advanced-level SAP training, we individualize our training objectives for each trainee, equipping them to redefine their professional success. With us, you’re not merely undergoing a training program, you’re setting sail on a journey of transformation.

Our Partners & Clients

Our Partners & Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of SAP training in UK?

The cost for SAP training in the UK is notably substantial. It varies significantly based on several factors and typically falls within the range of £1500 to over £10,000 weekly. It’s important to note that this wide range reflects the diverse nature of SAP training courses, including differences in course content, duration, and level of expertise provided.

What is the duration of the SAP course in UK?
The duration of SAP courses in UK varies based on specialization. Typically, courses range from 30 to 60 days, but advanced and specialized courses can take several months or longer. Full-time SAP courses offered by universities or training institutions often span several months, allowing for an in-depth and comprehensive learning experience.
Is SAP certification valuable in the UK?

Yes, SAP certification is valuable in the UK. It enhances job prospects, earning potential, and recognition of expertise in SAP systems. Employers prioritize candidates with SAP skills and certification, especially in roles related to SAP implementation and consulting. However, the value of certification depends on individual career goals and market demand.

What qualifications are required to become a SAP professional?
To be eligible for SAP certifications, a bachelor’s degree (e.g., BTech, B.Sc., or B.Com) or a master’s degree is typically required. Computer knowledge is essential. Specific requirements may vary based on the certification track and specialization. Get in touch with our team to find accurate information.
What internship opportunities are available through SAP courses?

After completing a SAP course, potential internship opportunities include: SAP Functional, Technical, Consulting, Project Management, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and Support internships. These internships provide hands-on experience in various aspects of SAP implementation, development, analysis, and support.

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