Our exclusively formulated flexible, scalable, and end-to-end ERP solutions unify data across the enterprise in real-time, enabling the evolution of business models with a customer-centric approach. The accomplished robust functionality while being able to control many facets of your business is what makes our ERP stand out!

DTS ERP System is designed for small & midsized industry. We offer complete integrated ERP solution including all core functionalities.

Functional Modules DTS ERP System


  • In administration module you can setup of the various core settings in the application
  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • Users
  • User Rights
  • Approvals
  • Financial Opening
  • Balances
  • Inventory Opening
  • Balance
  • Item Groups
  • Item Brands
  • Item Models
  • Item Colors
  • Item Sizes
  • Ware House
  • Sale Employee
  • Multi Companies
  • Multi Branches
  • Tax Groups
  • Business Partner Groups


  • Incoming Payment
  • Outgoing Payment

Business Partner

  • Business Partner Master Data
  • Activity


  • Chart of Account
  • Journal Entry
  • Asset Accounting
  • Cash Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Tax Calculation


  • Sale Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Delivery
  • Return
  • A/R Invoice
  • A/R Credit Memo


  • Purchase Request
  • Purchase Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Gate Inward
  • Goods Inspection Note
  • Goods Return
  • A/P Invoice
  • A/P Credit Memo


  • Bill of Material
  • Production Order
  • Daily Production Entr


  • Item Master Data
  • Fixed Assets
  • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Issue
  • Inventory Transfer Request
  • Inventory Transfer

Technical Overview

This Application Designed in following most latest powerful Platforms.

  • Flutter
  • High productivity
  • Great performance
  • Fast and simple development
  • Compatibility
  • ASP .net Web API using C#
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Powerful data mash-ups.
  • Intuitive design environment.
  • Design acceleration features.
  • Field explorer to manage report fields.
  • Wizards and experts for report creation.
  • Database expert for graphical table linking.
  • Editable preview window.
  • Drill down in runtime.

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Our Partners & Clients

Our Partners & Clients

Textile Software Solutions and Services

Management of a Textile company’s relationships with its customers, generally through the examination of huge volumes of data, is known as customer relationship management (CRM). And Let’s be honest: running a textile business is no easy feat. It’s a hassle, and clothes often get ruined or lost in the process. 

Important and challenging tasks may be a strain on businesses and their workforces, and we at DTS recognize this. As a result, we have developed a special CRM Services for that purpose. 

In the field of textile technology, we provide the best solutions available.

If you’re in the market for a textile-related software product, you should consult with us. We offer CRMs for your staff so that they can become proficient in the software in-house. DTS (Digital Technology Services) is a strategic company offering services related to digital software.

Countless businesses have relied on our certified CRM management software. Get in touch with us right away if you want to know more!

ERP Software for the Textile industry

Now you have options for textile processing software available, so you can avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars on services that can be outsourced easily!

We aid in the development of your workforce by providing them with software-specific CRM. We are a team of professionals familiar with textile software and having experience serving a wide range of clients developed our methodology.

Therefore, you can trust that we will always act in an impeccable manner. Don’t hesitate any longer; instead, let us bridge the gap in your business by providing exceptional CRM services for your staff. Don’t hesitate to contact us right now.

About Solution

DTS ERP is the most comprehensive enterprise solution designed to deliver the expected results without sharing confidential data or logic to any third-party including implementation partner. In case of ERP implementation, it becomes necessary to share all the data/business logic/trade secrets/operation logic and formulas to the implementation partner/vendor or consultant but in case of DTS ERP it does not require to share all these information. 

DTS ERP solutions are tailored industry-specific standards, best practices and processes to help companies optimize business processes and adapt quickly to changing market demands. From local businesses to global industry leaders, DTS ERP has been serving companies of all sizes and industries.

Solution for Textile Industry

There is a great evolution in the textile and apparel industry; in modern times, it has become a critical need for the industry to tackle unique challenges in the industry. Industries have begun to adapt themselves to the latest operational practices in meeting demands ushered in via globalization, amalgamations, diversification, vertical integration, and so on. Operations have become very complex in textile and apparel industry, particularly because of the uniqueness of operations where manufacturing and servicing go hand-in-hand, as the majority of apparel retailers have their own manufacturing units and service has become a key aspect of the business.

The textile industry is known for its versatility, and companies have resorted to using the latest technologies that aid in making their work easier and efficient. Companies have started adopting the business process reengineering (BPR) activities. They started implementing total productive maintenance (TPM), just-in-time (JIT), supply chain management (SCM), and a lot of inventory management techniques like EOQ, VED, and ABC analysis.

DTS ERP helps companies to decide the best possible business strategy, effective pricing strategy, real-time achievable business goals, demand management, better finance control, and identification of early trends in sales and marketing.

Our Satisfied Customers

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KG youtube
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Muhammad Hassan
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Functional Requirements 

  • User Authentication 

      •   Warehouse

     – Floor
    – Section
    – Ailes
    – Shelf
    – Add Brands
    – Product Category
    – Gender
    – Size and color
    – Add Material
    – Product Type
    – Style
    – Fit
    – Colors
    – Size

     •  Products

      – Add Products
      – Add Inventory
      – Auto Production Order
      – Shelf
      – Missing Inventory
      – Return Inventory
      – Par Level
      – View Products
      – Product Detail
  – Low inventory Alerts
      – Inventory Transfer

      •  Customers

       – Create Customers
       – Customer List
       – Manage Customer
       – Orders
       – Payment

     •  Supplier

    – Add Supplier
    – Supplier Profile
    – Supplier Orders
    – Supplier Payments and Account

    • Orders
    – Sales order
    – Pre-Sale Order
    – Create Production order
    – Create Purchase Order
    – View Order
    – Update Order
    – Return Order
    – Cancel Order

– Invoicing
    – Scan Order with Barcode

    • Payments

    – Chart of Account
    – Payment Details
    – Add Payment
    – Refund Payment
    – Payment Reporting

    • Factory

    – Auto Production order
    – View Production order
    – Factory Manager
    – Procurement
    – Knitting
    – Dying
    – Fabric Store
    – Cutting Dept.
    – Stitching Dept.
    – Finishing Dept.
    – Quality Control(QC) Dept.
    – Packing
    – Shipping Dept.
    – Order Status Updated