SAP SAC (BI/Planning)

SAC Planning

Course Information

  • Positioning and Overview of Planning
  • Planning Features
  • Modeling and Data Administration for Planning
  • Maintaining Dimensions and Planning Models
  • Maintaining Public and Private Dimensions
  • Configuring the New Planning Models
  • Migrating to the New Model
  • Securing Planning Activity and Data
  • Importing Flat File Data into Planning Models
  • Transform data with the new wrangling options
  • Importing Data from Flat Files
  • Core Planning Functionality
  • Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud Stories
  • Calculations & Advanced Tables
  • Simulations and Versioning
  • Distributions with Planning Panels
  • New Model Calculations
  • Currency Translation with the New Model
  • Data Audit, Validation, and Derivation
  • Forecasting Functionality
  • Creating Value Driver Trees
  • Smart Predict for Planning
  • Predictive Forecasting
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Data Actions and Allocation Processes
  • Configure Data Actions and Multi-Actions
  • Calculate Data with dynamic Advanced Formulas
  • Create Advanced Allocations
  • Collaboration and Process Control
  • Data Locking
  • Input Tasks and Crowd-Source Planning
  • Processes and Data Locking Tasks

SAC Designing

Course Information

  • Overview and Positioning
  • Overview and Positioning of SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer
  • Key Capabilities
  • Stories vs. Analytic Applications
  • Basic Application Design & Layout Techniques
  • Using different modes of an application
  • Working with various widgets like Crosstab, Chart, Filterline, Tab Pages, etc
  • Positioning of widgets
  • Advanced Application Design with Scripting
  • Introduction to scripting
  • Using script events, local and global variables, arrays
  • Using URL parameters
  • Working with conditional execution statements
  • Working with global script functions
  • Looping the result set
  • Using the timer
  • Debugging script
  • Advanced Layout Design
  • Using Themes and CSS
  • Defining dynamic application design for mobile scenarios
  • Performance Considerations
  • Understanding performance best practices
  • Understanding the technical processing of applications
  • Export and Distribution Options
  • Export to PDF / CSV / Excel
  • Publications
  • Data Change Insights
  • Bookmarks
  • Additional Application Functionality
  • R-Visualization
  • Smart Features
  • Managing Applications
  • Inbound and Outbound Integration with External Information or Applications
  • Using oData calls to S/4HANA
  • Using the Post Message API to embed an analytic application in a Host HTML page and a web page to an analytic application
  • Including RSS feeds to application 

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