DTS-Textile CRM (Powered by ERP)

Solution for Apparel and Textile Industry

About Solution:

DTS ERP is the most comprehensive enterprise solution designed to deliver the expected results without sharing confidential data or logic to any third-party including implementation partner. In case of ERP implementation, it becomes necessary to share all the data/business logic/trade secrets/operation logic and formulas to the implementation partner/vendor or consultant but in case of DTS ERP it does not require to share all these information. 

DTS ERP solutions are tailored industry-specific standards, best practices and processes to help companies optimize business processes and adapt quickly to changing market demands. From local businesses to global industry leaders, DTS ERP has been serving companies of all sizes and industries.

Solution for Textile Industry:

There is a great evolution in the textile and apparel industry; in modern times, it has become a critical need for the industry to tackle unique challenges in the industry. Industries have begun to adapt themselves to the latest operational practices in meeting demands ushered in via globalization, amalgamations, diversification, vertical integration, and so on. Operations have become very complex in textile and apparel industry, particularly because of the uniqueness of operations where manufacturing and servicing go hand-in-hand, as the majority of apparel retailers have their own manufacturing units and service has become a key aspect of the business.

The textile industry is known for its versatility, and companies have resorted to using the latest technologies that aid in making their work easier and efficient. Companies have started adopting the business process reengineering (BPR) activities. They started implementing total productive maintenance (TPM), just-in-time (JIT), supply chain management (SCM), and a lot of inventory management techniques like EOQ, VED, and ABC analysis.

DTS ERP helps companies to decide the best possible business strategy, effective pricing strategy, real-time achievable business goals, demand management, better finance control, and identification of early trends in sales and marketing.

Functional Requirements :

  • User Authentication 

      •   Warehouse

     – Floor
    – Section
    – Ailes
    – Shelf
    – Add Brands
    – Product Category
    – Gender
    – Size and color
    – Add Material
    – Product Type
    – Style
    – Fit
    – Colors
    – Size

     •  Products

      – Add Products
      – Add Inventory
      – Auto Production Order
      – Shelf
      – Missing Inventory
      – Return Inventory
      – Par Level
      – View Products
      – Product Detail
      – Low inventory Alerts
      – Inventory Transfer

      •  Customers

       – Create Customers
       – Customer List
       – Manage Customer
       – Orders
       – Payment

     •  Supplier

    – Add Supplier
    – Supplier Profile
    – Supplier Orders
    – Supplier Payments and Account

    • Orders
    – Sales order
    – Pre-Sale Order
    – Create Production order
    – Create Purchase Order
    – View Order
    – Update Order
    – Return Order
    – Cancel Order
    – Invoicing
    – Scan Order with Barcode

    • Payments

    – Chart of Account
    – Payment Details
    – Add Payment
    – Refund Payment
    – Payment Reporting

    • Factory

    – Auto Production order
    – View Production order
    – Factory Manager
    – Procurement
    – Knitting
    – Dying
    – Fabric Store
    – Cutting Dept.
    – Stitching Dept.
    – Finishing Dept.
    – Quality Control(QC) Dept.
    – Packing
    – Shipping Dept.
    – Order Status Updated