SAP Joint Venture Accounting

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SAP designed JVA for joint venture operations. SAP JVA captures all expenditures and other joint venture transactions by using functions from Financial Accounting (SAP FI), Controlling (SAP CO), Asset Management (SAP AM), Materials Management (SAP MM), Plant Maintenance (SAP PM), and Project System (SAP PS). By working closely with customers and implementation partners, SAP ensures that JVA facilitates smooth management of joint ventures, with great flexibility for growth.

Overview of JVA
  • Overview of JVA Part 1
  • Overview of JVA Part 2
Configuration Recovery indicators, billing indicators, corporate data and more

• Billing Indicators
• Cost object posting
• Create an operator_402 ficu
• Equity types and corporate data
• GV Global data
• JOA and JV
• JV number range and class
• Recovery Indicators

  • Field status variant for JV
  • Posting rules and cutback
  • GJCB cutback
  • JV tables
  • cutback error
  • cutback_number range
  • cutback more
  • cutback mapping
  • Check your understanding of cutback
Equity Adjustment

• Equity Adjustment
• Equity Adjustment fix
• Equity adjustment
• Equity adjustment fix
• GJ19 issue fix
• GJ19 prior period equity
• GJ19_2
• Let’s review Equity change
• Multiple equity groups

Suspending a Venture
  • Suspense processing
  • Unsespend
  • Unsuspend one partner
  • Suspense recap
  • Let’s check our understanding of suspense processing
  • Overheads
  • Overheads 2
  • Recovery indicator for verheead
  • Recovery indicator for verheead
Stepped rate Overhead
  • Actual Stepped rate overhead
  • Steped rate
  • Actual Stepped rate overhead-error
  • Steped rate
Stat key Overhead
  • Statkey_overhead
  • Statoverheads-Z
  • Stat drilling-Z
  • Statoverheads
  • Stat drilling
Payroll Burden
  • Payroll BDN2
Escalation Overhead
  • Escalation OH
    How well do you know Overhead postings?
Balance sheet splitting, manipulation rules and other period end processes
  • VBA switching
  • GJBA balance sheet splitting
JV Assessments, Manipulation rules and Distributions
  • Assesments JVA
  • Manipulation rules
  • Distributions jva
  • Assesments Recap of last two courses
Direct Partner posting and Farm in and Out
  • Direct partner posting
  • FARM in and out
JV Billing( JIB JIBE CODE, Hard copy and Soft Copy Billing and more)
  • JV billing overview
  • Jv billing 2 tables
  • JV Billing 3 and 4 Billing format and structure
  • Billing 8 Jib Jibe codes
  • JV billing
  • Billing
  • Billing Hardcopy
  • Billing Threshold
  • Non operated billing
  • SDS Billing recap
Carried Interest
  • Carried interest
  • RXD
  • UXD
    Let’s review what we learned
Reporting and Closing
  • GJNO
  • JADE Audit
  • More repoprting
  • More repoprting
  • JV close
    Let’s review

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