SAP S4HANA Management Accounting

Course Information

  • Overview of SAP S/4HANA
    • Outlining the Motivation for SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA
    • Providing an Overview of the SAP S/4HANA Products and Adoption Strategies
    • Using the SAP Fiori Front-End
  • Management Accounting Overview
    • Comparing Financial Accounting and Management Accounting
    • Defining specific tasks of Management Accounting components
    • – Organizational Units and Master Data in Management Accounting
    • Identifying Organizational Units used in Management Accounting
    • Maintaining Master Data in Overhead Management Accounting
    • Maintaining Additional Master Data in Overhead Management Accounting
  • Analytics in Management Accounting
    • Overview of Reporting Tools in Management Accounting
    • Using Report Painter Reports
    • Using Basic SAP Fiori Reports
    • Using Drilldown Reports
  • Planning in Management Accounting
    • Organizing Planning and Cost Allocation
    • Identifying Planning Options
    • Reconcile and Optimize Planning
  • Integrated Planning Process in Management Accounting
    • Integrating Profitability Analysis, Sales Operations Planning and Activity Planning
    • Identifying the Material Cost Estimate
    • Identifying the Integrated Planning for Profit Center Accounting in New GL
    • Using the TEMPLATE for Cost Planning
  • Characteristics of Accounting Logic Integration
    • Identifying Postings from Other Applications
    • Posting from Financial Accounting
    • Postings from Material Management
    • Actual and Statistical Actual Postings
  • Daily Postings in Management Accounting
    • Posting Actual Costs in Overhead Management Accounting
    • Budgeting Internal Orders and Using Execution Services
    • Analyzing Cost Object Controlling Scenarios
    • Creating and Analyzing Postings in a Make-to-Stock Environment
    • Creating and Analyzing Postings for Selling Make-to-Stock Goods
    • Creating and Analyzing Postings for Selling Services
  • Period-End Closing for Management Accounting
    • Performing Period-End Closing in Overhead Management Accounting
    • Analyzing Variances in Cost Center Accounting
    • Performing Period-End Closing in Cost Object Controlling
    • Managing Profit Analysis in Management Accounting

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