Course Information

This training course is designed to provide comprehensive understanding that can empower you to make effective, informed decisions based on data analysis. The goal of these professional development courses is to instill the students with a solid understanding of not only the core concepts of Business Warehouse, but also how to implement the core concepts in their business with SAP BW.
Learning Objectives

• Introduction to SAP and its Portfolio Products.
• Enterprise Data Warehousing Concepts.
• Dimensional Modeling Concepts
• Building an Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solution
• Advanced Info Cube design techniques
• Aggregates and Multi Provider
• Working with the Operational Data Store (ODS)
• Installing Business Content and creating an R/3 source system in BW
• Loading data from SAP R/3 into SAP BW
• Data Maintenance
• Performance tuning, including parallel query option and data packet sizing
• Object transport


What is ERP, SAP company History, SAP ERP, SAP Products Portfolio and SAP Certification overview.

• How to start the SAP program;
• How to log on and off• How to identify screen elements
• How to Use Help Functions
• How to recognize screen elements.

Enterprise Data Warehousing Dimensional Modeling Practical Concepts

• Types of OLAP
• Dimensional modeling
• Data mart/Data warehouse Life cycle
• Star/Snow/Extended Star schema design

Data Modeling:

Info Objects: Definitions.
Types: Characteristics, Key Figures (cumulative/Non-Cum), Time, and Unit.
• Data sources/Application
Component/Info Area /Info Objects Catalogue etc.).
• PSA-Maintenance scheduling the data. Data Packet by Packet. Scheduling
in background. PSA-Processing Types Monitoring & scheduling data loading
Scheduling the jobs on periodic values Cancellation & Deleting the
background jobs.
• Transformation.
• Info Package.
• DTP (Data transfer process) Types: Standard/DirectAccess/Error/RDA.

Info providers: SAP BI 7.0:

• Info Objects.
• Data Store Objects (DSO)
Types: Standards, Write optimized, Direct Update.
• Indexes
• Info Sources.
• Info Cubes: Definitions
• Design of Info Cubes: Extended Star Schema.
• Precautions to designing Info Cubes.
• Line Item Dimensions.
• Selective deletion.
• Transformation Rule Types.
Types of Attributes (Display/Navigational/Compound/Time Dependent etc.)
• Info Set.
• Multi Providers and selections.

Business Explorer:

• Bex Query Designer
• Rows, Columns, Free characteristics.
• Properties (Char/Keying./Query).
• Filter
• New Selection
• New Formula
• Restricted key figure
• Calculated Key figure
• Exceptions and conditions.
• Attributes.
• Structures
• Cells
• All Types of Variables
• Offset Variables.
• Variable Processing Types
• Report to Report Interface(RRI)
• BEx Analyzer.
• RSRT T-code

Extraction (Master and Transaction Data):

• Flat File.
• ECC:
• Generic Extraction.
• LO Extraction.
• FI Extraction.
• Repair full request.

Support activities:

• Process chain and Processing types
• Types of Process chains
• Monitoring/scheduling of PC
• How to handle Errors by PC

Loading/Performance Optimization:

• Aggregates.
• Partitions, Compression, Line Item Dimensions.
• Rollup, Dimensional Design Analysis, Indexes.
• Transport Request Management


• Routines (Start/Field/End/Expert Routine).
• Customer exits.
• Data source Enhancements.
• Function module based Generic Data source

Real time:

• Roles and Responsibilities in Dev. /Support Project.

AP SAP BO 4.2 Overview:

SAP BO Overview
• Reports tool’s overview
• SAP Crystal Report Overview
• Dashboard overview, (Dashboard tools overview)

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