SAP Managerial Accounting

Course Information

Controlling Basic settings
  • Define Controlling Area
  • Define Number Range for Controlling Area
  • Maintain Planning Version
Cost Element Accounting
  • Creation of Primary Cost Element from FI
  • Creation of Primary Cost Element from CO
  • Default Account Assignment
  • Creation of Activity Type
  • Creation of SKF
Cost Center Accounting
  • Cost Center Standard Hierarchy
  • Creation of Cost Center & Cost Center Groups
  • Posting to Cost Centers
  • Re-posting of CO line items
  • Planning of Cost Centers
  • Overhead Calculation
  • Period End closing activities in cost center accounting – Assessment,
    Distribution, Periodic Re-posting, Activity Allocation
CO Integration with Production planning
BOM, Routing, Work Center MRP Run
Multi-level Product Cost Controlling
  • Introduction to Product Cost Controlling
  • Data Flow in Product Costing
  • Cost Objects
  • Define Cost Sheet
  • Product Cost Planning
  • Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure
  • Work in Progress Calculation
  • Standard Product Cost calculation
  • Actual Product Cost Calculation
  • Settlement of Variance to Accounts
Unit Cost Estimate
  • Base Planning Object
  • Material Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure
Product Cost Planning with Quantity Structure
  •  Creation of Bill of Material
  •  Define Overhead Keys
  •  Creation of Activity Type Master Records
  •  Planning for activity hours
  •  Activity type price calculation
  •  Creation of work center master records
  •  Creation of Routing
  •  Define Cost Sheet
  •  Assignment of Cost sheet to costing variant
  •  Creation of cost estimate with quantity structure
  •  Marking
  •  Releasing
  •  Creation of Cost Estimate without quantity structure
  •  Collective cost estimate
CO-PA- Profitability Analysis
  • Account based COPA
  • Costing Based COPA
  • Introduction to Profitability analysis
  • Data Flow in Profitability Analysis
  • Maintaining the operating concern
  • Assignment of Controlling area to operating concern
  • Activating the profitability analysis
  • Define number ranges for actual postings
  • Mapping of SD conditions types to COPA value fields
  • Maintain characteristics
  • Maintain Value Fields
  • Define Profitability segment characteristics
  • Maintain Characteristics
  • Define Characteristics Derivation
  • Define and Assign Valuation strategy
  • Define Keys for accessing material cost estimates
  • Assign costing keys to any characteristics
  • Assign Value Fields
  • Define Number Ranges for Planning Data
  • Maintain Versions
  • Assign Quantity Fields
  • Define PA Transfer Structure
  • Direct Posting from FI/MM
  •  Value Flow from Cost Center to COPA
  •  Value Flow from Internal Order to COPA
  •  Value Flow from Production Order to COPA
  •  COPA Summarization 
Internal Orders
  • Use of Internal Order Types
  • Settlement Profile
  • Planning Profile
  • Budget Profile
  • Tolerance for Budgeting and availability control
  • Order Types
  • Real Orders and statistical Orders
  • Creation of secondary cost elements for Internal and External settlement
  • Planning for Internal Orders
  • Entering Budget Information
  • Actual Data posting
  • Displaying Internal Order information
  • Displaying Budget control availability
  • Internal Order to AUC settlement
  • AUC to Asset Settlement
  • Internal Order with Investment management
  • Information Reports
  • Settlement of Real Internal Orders to Cost Centers
Profit Center Accounting
  • Basic settings for Profit Center Accounting
  • Creation of Profit Centers
  • Maintenance of control Parameters for Actual Postings
  • Maintaining planning versions for profit centers
  • Maintaining the number ranges for profit center documents
  • Creation of profit center master records
  • Display of profit center master records
  • Automatic Assignment of Revenue elements for Profit Centers
  • Assignment of profit centers in cost center master records
  • Creation of account groups in profit center accounting for planning
  • Planning for profit and loss account items
  • Planning for balance sheet items
  • Posting of transactions into profit centers
  • Generating the variance reports for profit and loss account items
  • Generating the variance reports for balance sheet items
  • Derivation rules creation for revenue elements
  • Derivation rules creation for Balance Sheet accounts
  • Document Splitting 
Product Cost by Order
  • Define Costing Variant
  • Check Costing Variant to Manufacturing Orders
  • Define Goods Received Valuation for Order Delivery
Work in Process Calculation
  • Define Result Analysis Keys
  • Define Cost Elements for WIP Calculation
  • Define Result Analysis Versions
  • Define Valuation Methods (Actual Cost)
  • Define Line IDS
  • Define Assignments
  • Define Update
  • Define Posting Rules for Setting work in Process
Vriance Calculation
  • Define Variance Keys
  • Define Default variance Keys for Plants
  • Define Target Cost Version
  • Assign Variance Key in Material Master
  • Create Settlement Profile
  • Create PA Transfer Structure
  • Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents 
Actual Costing with Material Ledger
  • Activate Valuation Areas for Material Ledger
  • Assign Currency Types to Material Ledger Type
  • Assign Material Ledger Types to Valuation Area
  • Maintain Number Ranges for Material Ledger Documents
  • Activate Actual Costing
  • Assignment of Accounts for Automatic Posting

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