Course Information

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Overview

  • Describing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
  • Running Consolidation Tasks
  • Implementing BPC Standard Consolidation

Modeling Consolidation Structures and Reporting

  • Configuring Environments and Dimensions
  • Creating Models for Consolidation
  • Creating Reports and Formats in the EPM Add-In
  • Report on BPC Standard Data in Analysis for Office

Data Collection and Preparation

  • Collecting Transforming Data for Consolidation Scenarios
  • Creating Consolidation Logic
  • Configuring Reclassifications
  • Configuring Balance Carryforward
  • Managing Journals

Consolidations and Eliminations

  • Translating Local Currency
  • Configuring Intercompany Matching and Booking
  • Using the Ownership Manager
  • Configuring Integration Rules
  • Eliminating Intercompany Transactions
  • Configuring Intercompany US Elimination
  • Designing Management, Matrix, and Multiple Accounting Standard Solutions
  • Describing Consolidation and Elimination Principles
  • Consolidating Investments
  • Describing Stage Consolidation
  • Configuring Scope Variation
  • Configuring Equity Pickup

Consolidation Process Monitoring

  • Configuring Work Status
  • Using the Controls Monitor to Validate Data
  • Configuring Consolidation Business Process Flows

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