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    Ariba Spend Visibility™ Solution

SAP Ariba Today’s supply management professionals must strike a balance between cutting costs and keeping up with revenue and demand. While current economic conditions created opportunities for strategic sourcing professionals to shine and cut costs, the uncertainties of today’s economy, catastrophic disasters, and political unrest have also made the balancing act a tricky one.

In addition, spend data is obscured in disparate purchasing and payables systems—making it diffi cult to build effective sourcing strategies and identify savings opportunities. And, fi nally, when opportunities are identifi ed, sourcing organizations often lack the expertise in less-strategic categories to prioritize and source effectively. These realities all add up to massive challenges—ensuring that your suppliers deliver as promised, when promised; that your supplier portfolio refl ects your company values; and that you can consistently show the ROI of your supplier management strategies.

Ariba Spend Visibility with D&B is a unique solution designed to help bring visibility into your spend and supply base to address these challenges, helping you fi nd the best opportunities that strike the right balance between cost, revenue, and demand expectations.

A Clear View of Your Suppliers and Spend – All in One Place

Together, Ariba Spend Visibility with D&B gives you a best-in-class spend analysis solution unified with D&B’s market-leading global insights on over 206 million businesses for the clarity you need to make more trusted and confident decisions. Getting clarity starts with being able to uncover the best answers to your questions:

• How can I get more detailed information on suppliers?

• How much am I spending with suppliers at all levels up to the corporate family level?

• What are my best opportunities for savings?

• How does my spend compare to my industry peers?

• How diverse is my supply base? And how can I locate more diverse suppliers?

• Where are the greatest risks in my supply chain?

Why Ariba Spend Visibility with D&B?

A unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Ariba Spend Visibility combines an industry-leading knowledge classifi cation base with advanced technologies along with D&B’s global database of more than 206 million suppliers to enable rich and accurate classifi cation and enrichment of spend across all categories, systems, and divisions. The solution incorporates the powerful yet easy-to-use Ariba Analysis™ reporting engine with comprehensive data enrichment—providing deep and ongoing visibility into both internal purchasing as well as external supply and sourcing market dynamics.

Ariba Spend Visibility with D&B delivers an improved view of spend across a number of critical areas:

Commodity classifications

– Ariba, an SAP company, leverages a range of advanced classifi cation technologies to ensure spend is consistently classifi ed over time and across data sources so that decisions can be made with confi dence. Forecast information can be loaded and tracked across other Ariba modules for the most comprehensive view of purchasing in the market.

Supplier enrichment

Understanding your supply base is critical to minimizing risk, as well as decreasing costs and meeting other targets. Where do supplier linkages exist that can increase your spend leverage? Where does inherent risk exist in your supply base? Which of your suppliers are diverse? With the unified global D&B database of more than 206 million suppliers that is constantly updated, other sources, and proprietary research, you can answer all of these questions, and many more.

Peer Bench marking

Peer spend profiles through an opt-in program permit you to compare your spend profile to others in your industry.


To help you make the most of your technology investments, Ariba provides skills and capabilities that are unmatched in the spend analytics industry including an assigned project manager. From extensive and ongoing training, to best practice deployment guidance, to assistance in finding savings opportunities, Ariba’s experts are there to assist in ensuring that your investment results in significant ROI.



• Integrated, role-based spend management dashboards

• Streamlined data warehousing

• Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

• Multi-dimensional data enrichment approach unified with D&B

• Forecast and variance analysis

• Flexible classification to a custom, standard, or Ariba taxonomy

• Peer bench marking


• Pricing and peer spend profiles in order to assess, plan, and modify buying strategies

• Largest community of spend analysis customers for best practices sharing and networking opportunities


• Market intelligence information providing visibility into external market dynamics in order to prioritize opportunities

• Supplier enrichment attributes providing additional details on supplier linkages, financials/risk, diversity status, and more

• Expertise and best practices delivered via a flexible delivery model focused on delivering ROI